Our Platform

We create a platform to keep track of all the actions of your players, that allows the integration of multiple platforms in a secure, anonymous and structured way.

We keep the score

Every gamified process is divided into two important parts: the Dynamics, the design of the activities carried out in the application, and the Mechanics, which are the components used in the process: players, levels, badges, points, challenges, and prizes.

The mechanics are the gear that moves the game and allows the recording of every interaction and advancement. Our API allows this interaction between multiple platforms.

Gamification is the selection of ludic elements and apply to them game mechanics to generate dynamics among users, that encourage motivation, in areas that are not specific to games”.

Pepe Pedraz


Below you can find some of the main features of the platform, you can visit our documentation section to find out more.

Easy access

Our platform is based on WEB architecture so you do not need more than a browser to access and configure it.


We developed a Restful API that allows us to integrate into any system as long as we have access to the code.


We use the Outh2 authentication method that allows the creation of a connection token that expires every 30 minutes to guarantee access to data and connectivity.


We support the gamification process, we design and create our environment to fulfill this objective. We leave the logic in your system.


We have a decentralized transactional system that is integrated to the Blockchain for the management and exchange of points and rewards.


We have extensive documentation, a chat for any integration questions and a support and development team to assist you.



MultiCompany / Project

It is a multi-company platform that allows the management of many companies or centralized projects, on a platform.


Unlimited Equipment

Allows  the management of equipment in an eliminated and recursive way, a company can have many teams and each one its own dynamics.



A user registers with his basic information without the system, saving sensible information, only user, email and a key that allows the integration to your system.


Multi Player

Each user on the platform creates a player profile by the team it belongs to.


Wallet for Points

Allows the exchange of points per user or per player/team, you have a general Wallet configuration.



It allows the creation of a Playbook and the definition of plays: Description, Number of points and validation.


Level definition

It allows the definition of levels according to the number of points and keeps track of the achievements of each player.


Badge creation

You can create badges and determine the plays by which they are won.



Definition of Challenges

You can create challenges on the platform with different types of moves and define prizes for each of them.



You will have a leaderboard to show the position of each of the players in the game.


Award Management

It facilitates the management of rewards and keeps a record of exchanges and prizes available.


Integrated to the Blockchain

Record the transactions of points won and exchanged in the Blockchain of Expanse. We have our own Token in the Expanse Network which is Ethereum’s first Stable Fork.


40% of the 1000 Fortune Companies use Gamification to motivate their teams


Gartner estimates that 50% of the processes will be gamified


60% of the workforce is made up of Millennials who prefer fun, transparency and competition.


80% of people who are trained by different companies said they would learn more if learning was more like a game.

Our Process

We work on analyzing, learning, designing and integrating the best tool for your business, based on the creation of a game design document. Where we define objectives and all the specific actions that will help meet your objectives.

Teams, players, levels, badges, prizes, everything that the game should have,  always based on the procedures of your company.



We Analize

We work together in the process of establishing the objectives you want to achieve based on
the SMART methodology and we profile your players.


We design

Based on the analysis, we generate a game design document that includes the dynamics, mechanics, points, and results you need to implement to fulfill your objective.


We Develop

We create a software requirements document that establishes the rules of integration and development, and create a prototype that lets you see  the user experience.


We Implement

With the game developed and integrated into our platform, we guide you in the implementation and improvement process, when you start mantaining your dinamics and mechanics.


We Evaluate

We provide you with a tool that will give you results,  help you in making decisions, so you can tune the game the best way possible.

Our Company

We are born from the need to play and compete; we achieve and learn much more when we play, and our actions are fun. We want to conquer the world.

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