Our Company

We specialize in the application of the Gamification methodology, guiding the customer in implementing the best solution possible for their business, so they can achieve their objectives faster and more efficiently, this within a centralized and secure platform.



We know that…


Scattered Information

Most of the times information is distributed in several tools, or so many different systems are used that makes it impossible to measure all customer and user interactions.


Lack of communication

Setting goals is a long process and sometimes you do not have all the documentation you need to establish them properly.


Want to know your staff

Every company would love to get to know their customers better.


Misuse of resources

Efficiency in the use of resources and personnel is a daily necessity.



Lack of information

 Every company needs as much information as possible to be able to better face changes in the market and have more valuable arguments to make decisions.



Lack of motivation

Employees should be motivated constantly, making them feel important will help with having more loyal employees.


Aware of this, we were born

Gameboard is born from our need to play and compete. Games are a fundamental part of life and fundamental activity in human development; we seek to turn daily activities into something fun. We are convinced that to motivate people it is better to reward than to punish. And we managed to incorporate this in a tool that helps measure the satisfaction of both external and internal clients,  achieve goals and increase loyalty, sales, revenue, efficiency, punctuality, etc.

Our Team

Andrés García

Andrés García


10 years experience as General Manager for service companies in Guatemala. Entrepreneur and finance specialist.

Omar Alvarez

Omar Alvarez


Director of web development companies, entrepreneur and specialist in systems analysis and design, Blockchain and Gamification.

Our Projects

We Believe in a world where people want to play

We make working fun!

Our Company

We are born from the need to play and compete; we achieve and learn much more when we play, and our actions are fun. We want to conquer the world.

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