What is Gamification?

Is the use of Game elements: design, thought, mechanics, competition, etc., applied to other non-gaming areas, to keep people engaged with a product or service.

¿How it works?


It’s based on the use of game concepts and techniques and applying them to your company with your work teams.

Rewards, levels, progress, rewards, and loyalty are mainly used.

Game mechanics are used to involve and motivate action from players and team members.

Games are used to promote learning and problem-solving.



    ¿Why it works?


    It works because your players (users) want to:

    • Gain reputation inside the game.
    • Be compensated for their actions inside the game, either for a job well done of for a challenged accomplished.
    • Gain recognition for the development of new skills.
    • To be taken into account and their commitment in the workplace valued.
    • That there are able to express their creativities, and as a result be recognized.
    • Earn time to use it in their favor.


    Why you should apply it?

    Motivate your team by rewarding not punishing

    Change the behavior of your team to achieve your goals

    Create game strategies that make your players come back

    Have better measurement and feedback systems

    What will you get?


    You will be able to achieve short, medium and long term goals, measure your client’s current satisfaction and get to know them better.

    You can improve the marketing of your products by knowing your customers better.

    You will make work fun, motivating your teams, by rewarding them for a job well done.



      You will obtain performance metrics, with information provided voluntarily by users.



        You can motivate participation for charity work, changes in behavior in people lifestyle, and education.

        You can make better decisions about training and communication by having more information about your processes.

        What we can do for you?

        We have studied, learned and applied the Gamification framework in different environments, and this has given us impressive results. For this reason, we created a method and platform that allows us to accompany you in the process of achieving your goals, through analysis, design (Game / Application) and integration to our Gamified platform. Do you want to find out more about our process?

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