We make working fun

We create a gaming experience so you can achieve objectives and develop or integrate a solution with your platforms.




Create a game and motivate your entire team,

In a couple of minutes and  a few clicks, you can create your company, teams, players, badges, awards and generate a leaderboard.


You design the game, we keep the score

We apply Gamification theory within a centralized and secure platform.



What is Gameboard?

We specialize in applying the Gamification methodology, so the clients can achieve their objectives and develop or integrate a solution. This within a centralized and secure platform, which helps to make better decisions and meet internal and external users needs, generating loyalty.

What is Gamification?

It is the use of game design elements, thoughts, and mechanics to involve people in non-game contexts. The implementation is divided in two important setups:


It is the form, sequence, importance, value and design of the activities that the user will perform.


It is the process of registering the user’s activity.

How we do it?

We analyze, learn, design and integrate the best solution and tools for your business, based on the creation of a game design document. Where we define objectives and the actions that need to be taken so you can meet your objectives.

Teams, players, levels, badges, prizes, everything that the game should have, always based on the procedures of your company.



We Analize

We work together in the process of establishing the objectives you want to achieve based on
the SMART methodology and we profile your players.


We design

Based on the analysis, we generate a game design document that includes the dynamics, mechanics, points, and results you need to implement to fulfill your objective.


We Develop

We create a software requirements document that establishes the rules of integration and development, and create a prototype that lets you see  the user experience.


We Implement

With the game developed and integrated into our platform, we guide you in the implementation and improvement process, when you start mantaining your dinamics and mechanics.


We Evaluate

We provide you with a tool that will give you results,  help you in making decisions, so you can tune the game the best way possible.

Our products

Want to learn more?

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We make working fun!

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