DevOPS on Fire!!

After designing all the backend of the platform we started developing, we are using team work as our planning tool, this startup is running at night and on weekends because we work together at PragaWebStudio, but we need to create this amazing tool. Based on NGINX,...

Make it fun!! FOUNDATION

After creating and awesome ER I know that I have to hire the best developer I know and I talk to Rodmar about the project, immediately he was convinced that this was THE PROJECT so we started in that moment, our new company GAMEBOARD

It’s all about the look! OUR LOGO

We create our Logo and get the 2 domains for the website and for the platform, our platform will be hosted at Digital Ocean because they have a very easy way to have a server running for a good price.

Analysis and Design

I start reading a lot of the Gamification process and enroll in the course with Kevin Werbach by that moment I started writing the analysis document for the platform and creating the Entity Relationship database design.

New year, great ideas

On New Years eve I realize that there’s a lot of benefits in the implementation of Gamification but there was no tool (or I didn’t found one) where I can integrate any system to a PBL platform, so my New year objective became into: DESIGN AN API RESTULL PLATFORM THAT...

Enroll in gamification course

Start looking for a Gamification course to learn this process and found the Gamification by University of Pennsylvania with Kevin Werbach as the teacher over Coursera, I tried to start the course 3 times, but I never pass from week 1.